I'm Éinín and this is my website! My main hobbies are roleplaying, drawing, simple web design, and baking.

Formerly, when not online, I was an "in-home pet care specialist," according to my taxes. My favorite animals are cats and rodents.

You can see some of that here! below is my list of public pages that I've created for my favorite character, Moira O'Deorain from the game Overwatch.

Moira's Oasis staff webpage, a webpage designed to look like a staff webpage for Professor Moira O'Deorain at the Oasis University of Science and Technology.

Moira's CV, a WIP webpage designed to look like Moira's CV as she would present it on her own personal website.

Moira dossier, a WIP dossier for Moira designed to contain most of the information I use when roleplaying her.

Talon's Dossier on Moira, a WIP page designed to look like Talon's collected information on Moira.

My webpages are best viewed in Firefox. Some work on mobile, some don't; ideally, they eventually all will.

If you need to reach me, my Discord is éinín#5345.